KRESS 1200W Brushless 125mm Slim Body Slide Switch Angle Grinder KUS26

KUS26 is the 1st corded brushless angle grinder in Kress range. It features soft start and re-start protection. Packed with anit-vibration handle and tool-less guard.

The KRESS KUS26 1200W 125mm Angle Grinder features brushless motor technology delivering more compact size, up to 10X longer motor life and 50% more runtime. This robust angle grinder is designed with faster material removal efficiency, higher overload protection and superior air duct design for heat management. It features soft start and restart protection for additional safety as well as constant speed/over-heat control/disc bursting protection.

* AC BL tech brings superior anti-overload ability, continuous working under robust condition, higher efficiency, and 2x longer lifetime
* No efficiency reduction under heavy-duty cutting and grinding with intelligent chip control system
* Easy to maintenance, no need to replace vulnerable components (carbon brush, commutator etc )
* Slim body design, 177mm of handle perimeter
* Superior air duct design to have a good heat control and operation feeling
* Constant speed/over-heat control/disc bursting protection
* Soft start and anti re-start protection provide a more safer working environment
* Quick guard adjustment and anti-vibration handle